2009 Christmas Gift Guide

2009 Christmas Gift Guide

Chris   November 04, 2009  
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Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be having a hard time finding some great gifts or you might be looking for gift ideas for yourself. Hopefully this Christmas buyers guide will give you the help you need.

The first link will point you to more information about the tool, the second link take you to a store where you can buy the tool. For more gift ideas, look through our tool reviews and tool blog. Also be sure to check out the 2008 Christmas Gift Guide for more ideas. Be sure you read the complete list after the ReadMore.

$20 and under

GripSharp – A Pencil Grip And Sharpener In One I have been using this for the past couple of weeks, and it is very handy.

About $3.50 - GripSharp

New EZ Lock Detail Abrasive Brushes From Dremel These brushes can sand in places you could never get to before. Available in 36 grit, 120 grit, and 220 grit.

About $7 - Amazon

Light Your Drivers Way This light attaches easily to you existing screw driver, screw gun, or drill.

About $9 - Amazon - Rockler

Bosch Multi Construction Bits The Bosch Multi Construction Bits are a great bit for a multitude of applications. Check out the video review.

About $10 - Amazon

Rockler Bench Cookies Are A Hit (Still Not Edible) Not food for your bench dogs; they are non slip disks that elevate and hold your material.

About $12 - Amazon - Rockler

FastCap Pocket Chisels Save Your Pockets Fold-able chisels that keep your pockets safe, and your chisels sharp.

$15-20 each - Amazon

Rapid Warrior Combo Utility Knife & Hand Saw Its a knife that can easily be changed to use a number of different saw blades. Perfect for the toolbox

$20 - Amazon


$24 - $50


Recipro Tools Put your reciprocating saw to more uses with these saw attachments. Now you can have a power wire brush or power rasp. About $24 to complete one attachment - Amazon


Electrical Cutout Marking Made Easy If you do any kind of electrical cut-outs in drywall cabinets or paneling, the BlindMark is for you.

About $25 - BlindMark - HomeDepot

The Gutster Demo Bar If you do any kind of major demo work or remodeling, this is the bar for you.

$36-$44 - Gutster

MagSwitch These magnets are like no other, without any electricity they can be turned on and off. Perfect for any woodworker or welder.

About $40-$50 - Amazon - HomeDepot


$100 - $250

Bosch DLR130K Measuring with lasers is the future. The Bosch DLR130K is a great measurer at a great price. Accuracy of 1/16-inch at 130 feet.

About $100 - Amazon

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool The SoniCrafter has one of the best price to value ratios out of all the oscillating tools. It also has a ton of accessories.

$120-$180 - Amazon

Work Sharp 3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener The Work Sharp 3000 is one of the easiest powered tool sharpening systems one the market.

$200 - Amazon

Veto Pro Pac LT-XL Laptop Bag The Veto Pro Pacs are some of the strongest tool bags I have ever seen and are available in many styles. The LT-XL bag also adds storage for your portable computer.

About $225 - Amazon

Bosch Pneumatic Nailers These are the first nailers to come from Bosch Tools. They feature Bosch's Full Force Technology which allows for a smaller more compact tool. $117- $250 - Amazon


Above $500

Makita Has A New 10” Slider With Twice The Rails Makita has a new 10" slider that uses 4 rails to give the saw a large cutting capacity in a compact package.

About $550 - Amazon

DIY CNC Router Kits Who wouldn't want to own a CNC router? The problem is the price. These DIY Router will give you the satisfaction of building your own at a fraction of the price.

Price starts at $1600 -

Run Your Own Backyard Sawmill If you have trees to spare and love to work the wood, you should not be without your own sawmill.

$3700 - Wood-Mizer

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