Electrical Cutout Marking Made Easy

Electrical Cutout Marking Made Easy

Chris   April 21, 2009  
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I don't know anyone that likes marking for electrical cutouts; one little misread of the tape measurer, and you got a hole in a place where it doesn't belong. If only there was an easier way... there is, the article title doesn't lie.

The answer is BlindMark. BlindMark is a pretty simple, but also pretty amazing product that makes it so easy to mark for cutouts it would be almost impossible to mess it up. Here is how it works. Simply install part-A of the BlindMark into your electrical outlet box and cover it with your drywall, or paneling. Then using magnets, part-B aligns itself with part-A to give you an exact location of the covered outlet box. Now you can mark the location, cut out for the box, and remove part-A.

Don't forget about cabinets. I have on rare occasion made some mistakes when cutting into cabinets. Now with all the oscillation tools on the market, it is easy to cut for boxes while the cabinet is in place. This working with cabinets probably depends on the thickness of the cabinet.

You can pick up the BlindMark for around $25 on their site, and on ebay.