Bosch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Video Overview

Bosch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Video Overview

Chris   October 20, 2009  
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As you might know, Bosch just recently introduced a complete line of pneumatic nailers and compressors. Below is a pretty thorough video, introducing the Bosch BNS200-18 brad nailer. I also go over some of the features and talk about my likes and dislikes.

One dislike I forgot to mention in the video, is the lack of a hook of some type. As a professional, one of the things that really makes my life easier is a belt hook. Milwaukee by far has the best belt hook I have seen. It rotates 360 degrees and has a number of lockable positions. Another thing that seems rather silly not to include is pneumatic oil, and since the gun requires oil, you cant even use it out of the box unless you already own some.

Below the video you will notice a link for the video in the OGG format. This is for people that do not have Flash installed for whatever reason. However an internet browser that supports OGG playback is required (ie FireFox).