New EZ Lock Detail Abrasive Brushes From Dremel

New EZ Lock Detail Abrasive Brushes From Dremel

Chris   August 05, 2009  
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If you were using Twitter at all last Wednesday, you might have noticed Dremel giving out a bunch of their new Detail Abrasive Brushes; a great way for them to kick off the launch of their new rotary tool accessory.

The new Detail Abrasive Brushes are capable of sanding in hard to reach places by making use of a circumference of small flexible abrasive bristles.

Each bristle on the brush is impregnated with sanding abrasive that wears down as the accessory
is used to expose new grit, extending the accessory's life and eliminating the need for abrasive compound. The brushes' design allows users to remove only the exterior surface layer of their work piece without
damaging the base layer.

You can purchase the Detail Abrasive Brushes in 3 different grits to suit your needs: 36 grit, 120 grit, and 220 grit. The brushes also feature Dremel's EZ Lock system, which makes it easy to switch over from the 3 available grits without having to use any tools. You can purchase the Dremel Detail Abrasive Brushes for around 8 bucks each.

For more information visit Dremel Tools
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