Do-it-yourself landscaping idea continued...

Do-it-yourself landscaping idea continued...

TooledUp   July 07, 2009  
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Well, we finished the wood(tree) fence today.  My wife and I thought it would only take a couple of hours.  Six hours later we finished and exhausted.  We always see these type of furniture pieces for sale and they are always expensive.  I completely understand.  It is not hard to do, but just time consuming and tiring because you have to cut all the trees down, cut them to size, and then properly place them so they look good.  I leave this to my wife because if she is happy, I am happy.  It is hard though because many of the trees are not straight.  Anyways, it turned out great.  It really dressed up our little nook on our side yard.  Now I will be on to the next project.  I will get some pics soon.  Our camera battery was dead.

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