DeWalt Miter Saw Flips Into a Table Saw

DeWalt Miter Saw Flips Into a Table Saw Featured
Chris   August 10, 2011  
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DeWalt Miter Saw Flips Into a Table Saw

We have seen a couple of combination miter/table saws now enjoying freedom in the U.K., one from Bosch with a table mounted on top of a miter saw, and one from Makita that flips to transform. Now it is DeWalt's turn to join in on the fun with their very own flipping combination transformation miter/table saw.

It looks like these saws are really gaining popularity over in Europe, and I bet many of you wish these saws would make their way to the States, but are they really worth it? If you watch the video of the DeWalt DW743N flip saw, you quickly realize how slow it is to transfer between the two saws. Can that lost time really justify that fact that you have one less tool in your truck? For Americans, I think the answer is no, especially now that both miter and table saws are becoming smaller and smaller. In Europe, however, having extra space is a bit more valuable. I think if you compare the size of their vehicles to ours you can see what I mean.

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