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sarahsachs   August 02, 2013   0   0  
Seeking Tool Repair Technician for a temp to hire position with a premier tool industry leader! If you are looking for a stable career, and have a strong background with tool repair with the capability to perform the duties required to maintain a quality service outlet for the repair of tools/equipment please continue reading. Responsibilities: • Work involves disassembly of units, diagnosis of operating difficulty, location and replacement of worn or defective parts within times in accordance with work instructions. • Make decisions as to the feasibility of repairs. • Keep records of...
Making Gifts For Christmas
Chris   February 22, 2012   0   5  
I would like to share with you some of the things I made as gifts for this past Christmas. I would have liked to have posted this before Christmas, but you never know who in my family is watching the website. I knew I wanted to make something special for some of my family members this year, but I was not exactly sure what. I wasn't until I came across a candle holder project from Woodworking for Mere Mortals, that the ideas started to flow. I now knew I wanted to make a candle holder, I just...
Key to Long Tool Life.
PutnamEco   March 27, 2010   0   3  
One of the keys to long tool life is proper maintenance, Plus is does give you something to do on a slow day. Here I have disassembled and cleaned one of my old saws. I like to use Stihl weed whip gear case grease as it seams to hold up really well it is formulated to work on high speed gearing and can withstand a bit of heat and is just light enough to keep the gears lubed. I also like to lube the blade guard bearing area with PB Blasters dry lube, as it doesn't attract...
First generation Skilsaw model 77
PutnamEco   February 28, 2010   0   2  
This is what I believe to be an first generation model 77 Skilsaw. I haven't really had much luck tracking the history of Skils early tools. There is a lot of info on the history of the company itself, but very little on the progression of tool models through the years. Skils own website provides a nice overview of their history. Skils original model saw was called the Michel Electric Hand Saw Which later came to be called the Model E. Production of this tool was started in 1928 in, I believe, Chicago. ...
Hello Tool Folks
Extremely Average   January 29, 2010   0   1  
This is an unofficial blog post. I have just discovered this site and I am still exploring. I have been blogging for the last 29 days, and today's post was, dreadful, at best. I had considered posting it here, but really, it isn't worth reading. That being said, some of my other posts have been well received. Yesterday, in fact, I finished a pair of Krenov Saw Horses. I was happy with how that piece turned out. When I say piece, I meant the blog, the saw horses are OK too. (For the general blog) ...
Old Rockwell Circular Saw model #315
PutnamEco   January 29, 2010   0   2  
The original model of this saw was made by Porter-Cable and rebadged as a Rockwell after Rockwell purchased Porter-Cable in 1960. Rockwell also made a line of saws later in the 70s that was geared more towards the homeowner/consumer market, they are nowhere near the quality of this saw. This is an all metal bodied drop foot style saw. It is rated at 11.5 amps. Don't let that low amp draw fool you, I believe that this saw cuts just as hard as todays 15 amp saws. One feature that I haven't seen on todays saws, this saw has...
Porter Cable 100H Heritage Router
PutnamEco   January 16, 2010   0   2  
A Special Edition Router by Porter-Cable This router fits in a niche between laminate trimmers and todays more common 2 1/4 horsepower Routers. It is rated a 7/8 horsepower. It is a compact and squat little tool. I particularly like to use it for freehand lettering. It spins up very smoothly, almost as if it had soft start electronics, and is very smooth running once up to speed. It does get rather hot during extended runs or when pressed hard. I'm guessing that this is a mid 80s vintage although this model was as far...
Old 9.6 volt Maktia tools
PutnamEco   January 10, 2010   0   1  
This old group of tools still sees some use on occasion. The drill on the left is a model #6093D. It comes with a decent Jacobs chuck with a maximum capacity of 3/8 inch. It has a six position clutch, five slip and one lock, which is operated by a collar just under the chuck. This drill is also reversible by a switch located on the rear of the drill body.This is a two speed drill. 1100 RPM high and 400 RPM low, switched on top of the drill body nearer to the chuck by a recessed knob. ...
Chris   October 22, 2009   0   0  
I am taking a break from my normal tool related blog posts on the front page, and giving my personal blogging a go. For a while now I have been fixated on buying a scroll saw, probably do to watching a ton of online scroll saw videos. The other reason being all of the cool projects I could finally build by owning one. Not knowing if scrolling is a hobby I will stick with, I don't want to spend a ton of money; but on the other hand I do not want to be...
Do-it-yourself landscape fence pics!!
TooledUp   July 29, 2009   0   1  
Finally, I took a picture of the fence my wife and I built!!  We love it and she really loves it.  It took awhile and some sweat, but it is finished--at least that one is.  She will probably want more.  Take a look at it.  Kinda far away, but I wanted to get the hole thing in.
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