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R.I.P. Bubba Box
PutnamEco   July 28, 2009   0   8  
Now that I'm the Proud owner of a new tool bag, thanks to I thought I would memorialize my old tool storage system which consisted of an rubber maid tough-tote called Bubba Box This box contained a smaller box and a Bosch PS40 impact driver and a couple of other assorted tools This box was what I would take on the job first, whether it was an estimate or a small job, or getting started on a bigger project. It contains a fairly basic assortment of tools that enable me to assess,perform minor exploratory...
Birdhouse Build
PutnamEco   July 18, 2009   0   4  
Building birdhouses is serious business The Kids at Eco-Adventure Days had a great time building birdhouses at Ravine Gardens State Park The adult volunteers had almost as much fun as the kids After much hard work.. Everyone went home happy
Bird house project prototypes
PutnamEco   July 12, 2009   0   1  
These are a couple of the summer day camp bird houses. The one on the left is made from pine, on the right, cedar.
Volunteer Workshop
PutnamEco   July 08, 2009   0   2  
I do a lot of volunteer work and this year we combined two summer day camps project into one work day build off. We had volunteers from four different groups contributing. This years project was bird houses. We built over sixty kits for the kids to build, and we had a pretty good time doing it. The Rigid oscillating bench sander provided the most entertainment, flinging several small parts. In retrospect probably should of had someone with wood working experience using this tool.    
TooledUp   July 07, 2009   0   0  
Well, we finished the wood(tree) fence today. My wife and I thought it would only take a couple of hours. Six hours later we finished and exhausted. We always see these type of furniture pieces for sale and they are always expensive. I completely understand. It is not hard to do, but just time consuming and tiring because you have to cut all the trees down, cut them to size, and then properly place them so they look good. I leave this to my wife because if she is happy, I am happy....
TooledUp   July 05, 2009   0   0  
Jumping back on the wagon after 2 days of downtime with the fourth of July.  Going to build a fence out of tree branches with my wife today.  We are big into our landscape and we have been improving it every year as we built our house 2.5 years ago.  We have built a few of them now. Pretty easy, but just a little time consuming.  We were going to buy a fence from Home Depot, but it would have cost about $100.  This all wood look will look much better a work better with our surroundings and it...
Chris   December 16, 2008   0   0  
Southern California mountains got their first snow fall of the season. It was nice to look out the window and see the snow covered mountains. It was a calm day today, but tomorrow the rains are coming back, and the snow level will drop to around 2000 ft and as low as 1200 ft. It would be cool if my house got some snow. I have never seen it snow at my house. We just get hail once every couple of years.
Get Your Brushes and Rollers Clean
PutnamEco   September 22, 2008   0   1  
With the cost of good brushes and rollers today, it makes a lot of sense to try and get as much life from them as possible. Brush and roller spinners do just that. Just attach your brush or roller to this device and flush with water or thinner and spin away.Centrifugal force will expel the rinse. Repeat as necessary, until the rinse remains clear, then comb out your brush and store it in its wrapper. You can find this tool at your local paint supply store or order it on line from Amazon. Pro...
A Real Handy Tool
PutnamEco   September 04, 2008   0   1  
The Six in One Painters Tool I always seem to get strange looks for carrying this tool, as I am not usually painting, yet I find myself using it for so many things that I wonder why everyone doesn't carry one. I use it as a putty knife, a scraper, a light pry bar (works great for lifting trim), it can lift small nails, turn screws, even philips, with the small pointy end, and can even be used as a light chisel.You could even use it to open paint cans and clean rollers. ...
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