R.I.P. Bubba Box

R.I.P. Bubba Box
PutnamEco   July 28, 2009  
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R.I.P. Bubba Box

Now that I'm the Proud owner of a new tool bag, thanks to I thought I would memorialize my old tool storage system which consisted of an rubber maid tough-tote called Bubba Box

This box contained a smaller box and a Bosch PS40 impact driver and a couple of other assorted tools

This box was what I would take on the job first, whether it was an estimate or a small job, or getting started on a bigger project. It contains a fairly basic assortment of tools that enable me to assess,perform minor exploratory demolition,and complete most small jobs.

Now that I have a awesome new tool bag that I'll now refer to as my First Strike Bag

That easily held most of the tools from my Bubba Box.

I'll now work with it a while to further it's load out,and develop an idea as to it's usefulness. It will not easily hold my PS40 or large speed square, but it does have room left for additional small tools, which I look forward to trying to fit in. Look for my review in the not to distant future.


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