Old Rockwell Circular Saw model #315

Old Rockwell Circular Saw model #315
PutnamEco   January 29, 2010  
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Old Rockwell Circular Saw model #315

The original model of this saw was made by Porter-Cable and rebadged as a Rockwell after Rockwell purchased Porter-Cable in 1960. Rockwell also made a line of saws later in the 70s that was geared more towards the homeowner/consumer market, they are nowhere near the quality of this saw. This is an all metal bodied drop foot style saw. It is rated at 11.5 amps. Don't let that low amp draw fool you, I believe that this saw cuts just as hard as todays 15 amp saws. One feature that I haven't seen on todays saws, this saw has a grease pot, used to replenish the lubrication on its main bearing. This saw has a handle that is mounted high on the body, unlike your typical worm drive saw. It is most comfortably used when standing over the saw. It's not as easy to use as a saw with a lower handle if you have to reach out for a long cut. The power cord is not located in the usual place at the bottom of the handle, instead it exits the motor from the front left of the handles base. I don't ever remember cutting the cord on this saw, and it is never in the way either. This saw was influential in my decision to purchase another drop foot saw, the Milwaukee 6368.

I use this saw around my shop.It definitely cuts better with todays blades then it did with the non carbide equipped blades. The only reason I no longer use this on job sites is that it requires a rather large wrench to hold the shaft lock nut for blade changes.

I purchased this saw at a yard sale for $15 a while ago. I bought it because one of my mentors used a saw just like this and the saw I had at the time was in rough shape. It has held up well and I anticipate it will last quite a while longer, now that it lives in my shop with a bunch of other old saws. One day I may polish it up, once I perfect my sticker replacement skills.



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