The Ultimate Job Site Trailer

The Ultimate Job Site Trailer Featured
Chris   December 29, 2008  
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The Ultimate Job Site Trailer

Do you need a trailer that you can just pull up to the job site and get right to work without having to unload all your tools. The problem with most trailers is the limited access to your tools. If you need something in the back, you have to unload everything in front of it.

Check out these contractor trailers from You have access to all your tools from the outside, making is faster and easier to get your work done. The best part of all, is the built in table saw, and miter saw work stations, and still room for some 4x8' sheets of wood.


  • Large 8' x 16' work table
  • Carry and store all your carpenter tools ready to work
  • Work station for table saw with large out feed table
  • Cut off saw with room for any length material
  • 33% more tools in your TOOLMASTER TRAILER
  • Single pole tongue allows a full 90 degree turn

These are so cool, I wish I could use one... unfortunately most of my work is indoors.