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L-BOXX 72-Hour Kit Stack
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Chris   December 20, 2012   3   1  
It has been a couple of months since I started my 72-Hour kit build, which uses the Bosch Click & Go L-BOXX system to store and organize all of my survival supplies. It was a bit of work in getting all of the supplies together, getting everything organized and publishing the content here on Tool-Rank, but in the end I feel better prepared to handle a disaster of any kind.
Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Part 5: Everyday Essentials
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Chris   December 06, 2012   2   0  
I have covered some of the most important things you should have in a 72-hour disaster kit, but there are still some items that you should probably have around to make your disaster experience go a bit smoother. In the Bosch L-BOXX-2 I put together some of the items that you would use daily, things like cooking utensils, soap, toothpaste and more. I am sure there are a lot more items that I could have added, but I am trying to balance what I really need versus the weight of everything.
Weekend Links
Chris   November 11, 2012   0   0  
As you know, I am building a 72-hour kit using the Bosch Click & Go system. If you plan on building a kit of your own, these links might come in handy for you. The Ultimate Water Storage Guide and Water Storage Calculator - The Ready Store Having an ample supply of water is probably the most important part of a 72-hour kit, but calculating how much water you need can be challenging. This water calculator from The Ready Store takes into account the number of people, number of days, and a...
Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: Tool Kit Using The L-BOXX 1
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Chris   November 09, 2012   6   36  
Let us pretend that you have just survived a natural disaster but you can no longer use your house the way you used it just a few days before. The power is out, you have no running water, and you have no heating. This sounds a lot like what has happened, and is still happening, on the East Coast. For these reasons and more, it is a good idea to have a small tool kit that you can use to help you survive until you can rebuild.
Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: Food Storage Using The L-BOXX 3
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Chris   October 29, 2012   2   4  
We all need to eat, so having enough food on hand incase of a natural disaster is key. The East Coast is currently being hit by hurricane Sandy and the days leading up to the storm led to crowded stores full of the unprepared looking to stock up on food. Building a disaster kit ahead of time could have saved these people a lot of stress.
Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: First Aid Using The L-BOXX1A
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Chris   October 22, 2012   1   10  
One thing you should always have, whether you are prepping for a natural disaster or not, is a good first aid kit. In the first part of my 72-hour emergency kit build I make use of the dividers that are included in the model L-BOXX1A, which is part of the Bosch Click & Go modular storage system.
Using The Bosch Click & Go L-Boxx System To Make A 72-Hour Disaster Kit
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Chris   October 15, 2012   1   1  
Are you prepared to handle the aftermath of a natural disaster? The Red Cross, FEMA, and a countless number of other groups and agencies say that you should have at least a 3-day (72-hour) supply of food, water, and other supplies you might need to help you get through a disaster.
7 results - showing 1 - 7