Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: Tool Kit Using The L-BOXX 1

Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: Tool Kit Using The L-BOXX 1
Chris   November 09, 2012  
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Bosch Click & Go 72-Hour Kit Build: Tool Kit Using The L-BOXX 1

Let us pretend that you have just survived a natural disaster but you can no longer use your house the way you used it just a few days before. The power is out, you have no running water, and you have no heating. This sounds a lot like what has happened, and is still happening, on the East Coast. For these reasons and more, it is a good idea to have a small tool kit that you can use to help you survive until you can rebuild.

As with other parts of my 72-hour kit build, I am using the Bosch Click & Go system to house my tool kit build. The parts of my tool kit are not so much designed to help in a large scale rebuild, but to help me and my family survive the few days after a disaster. For this, all I really need are some basic hand tools. You can see what tools I use and why in the video playlist below. I cover a few knives and flashlights that Coast Portland provided me, as well as some other basic tools. 

Tools used in my kit

 coast hp7 led flashlight

BUYCoast HP7 LED Flashlight : Coast website

Coast hl7 headlamp

BUYCoast HL7 Headlamp : Coast website

Coast Rapid Response Knife

BUYCoast Rapid Response 3.0 Knife : Coast website
BUYCoast Rapid Response 3.9 Knife : Coast website

Coast 2-LED Pro Pocket Pliers

BUYCoast 2-LED Pro Pocket Pliers : Coast website

Other tools used

BUYBosch L-BOXX 1 : Bosch website
BUYEstwing Sportsman's Hatchet : Estwing website
BUYEmergency Mylar Blanket 10-pack
BUYMagnesium Fire Starter
BUYRothco 550 Paracord
BUYChemical Light Sticks


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