Great How-To Scroll Saw Videos

Great How-To Scroll Saw Videos

Chris   December 23, 2008  
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For a while now, I have been thinking about getting a scroll saw. I have never owned one, but I like the idea of being able to make things like ornaments, signs, etc. Plus being a finish carpenter, I always end up with extra wood, that sometimes is too nice to let go to waste.

I am the type of person that likes to research everything before I buy (one of the reasons I started Tool-Rank) and wanted to see the types of things that can be made with a scroll saws. I headed over to YouTube to see what I could find, and came across some videos by Steve Good. He does some great work with his scroll saw, and puts it all on video. He also does a great job of explaining what he is doing, and why he is doing it. He takes you from what to look for in a saw, to artwork design, to finished project. At his website Scrollsaw Workshop he even gives away the templates from his videos.

If you have an interest in scrolling, or just want to see some of his cool work check out his blog, or YouTube page. In this video he shows us how to make a Christmas Box


I have my eye on the Dremel 1830 120V 18-Inch Scroll Sawalt

Steve uses a DEWALT 20-Inch Scroll Sawalt