Two New Compressors & One Storage Tank From Campbell Hausfeld

Two New Compressors & One Storage Tank From Campbell Hausfeld

Chris   July 02, 2009  
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The first new compressor from Campbell Hausfeld comes in at a size of 26 gallons. It is a nice size compressor for use around the garage or at the shop. It sports a couple cool features that set it apart from the rest. The first being "Rapid Inflation Technology" which first fills the hose to 115 psi so you can get started, then fills the rest of the tank, so you will be ready for longer periods of use. Another nice feature is an easy to read regulator gauge. The gauge also has icons on it that help you to select the right amount of pressure for the job.

The second compressor is an 8 gallon wall mount unit - model WL6750. If you don't have room on the floor, this might be just what you need. It also has the same regulator gauge mentioned above, and both compressors use an easy to use regulator control knob.

The regulator knob is 2X larger and has soft rubber touch points to make it easier and more comfortable for the user to adjust air pressure. The regulator will click at 5-10 PSI intervals to set the pressure and keep it where you want it.

If 8 gallons isn't enough for you, the WL6750 can be expanded up to two times with additional 8 gallon take away tanks - model ET2000. Using all three tanks you end up with 24 gallons, or you can remove the tanks and have 8 or 16 gallons of air to take to the local race track or anywhere you might need portable air.

Both compressors and tanks will be available this July.

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