Bosch Multiplies The Multi-Tool Accessory Line For The Multi-X

Bosch Multiplies The Multi-Tool Accessory Line For The Multi-X

Chris   June 18, 2010  
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These last few years have been all about the oscillating multi-tool. You talk to just about anyone, and they either own an oscillation tool or they want to own one. Bosch knows how popular they have become and especially love how popular their own Multi-X has become. One problem facing the Multi-X is the rather small list of accessories. Sure they have most of the basics covered, but people love to have options. Bosch has announced a whole new lineup of accessories that pretty much cover everything that we know to be possible with a multi-tool.

According to Bosch, approximately 65% of time oscillation tools are being used is in cutting applications. So they have stepped up their cutting blade line to include: 4” Bi-Metal Segment Serrated Knife, 2-1/4” Caulk Removal Blade, 1-3/8” Bi-Metal Cutting Plunge Blade, 4” Bi-Metal Segment Sawblade, 3-1/2” Carbon Segment Serrated Blade, 1-1/8” Bi-Metal Plunge Blade, and 1-3/8” Japanese Tooth Plunge Blade. One blade that is completely new to oscillation tools is the 4” Bi-Metal Segment Serrated Knife, which can be used to power cut through insulation. In the grinding, cutting, and sanding categories we have: 3-1/2” Diamond Grit Blade, 2-1/2” Thin Kerf Carbide Grit Segment Blade, 3” Carbide Grit Delta Rasp, Scraper Blade, Assorted Sanding Pads and Sanding Sheets.

These new accessories are not out yet, but you they should be in stores late this summer. We love how Bosch is stepping up its game by adding more accessories to the lineup, but we want more. We want Bosch to really try and think outside of the box and find us uses for the oscillation tool that we never would have thought of.