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Let The RoboPlow Take Care Of The Snow While You Relax

Let The RoboPlow Take Care Of The Snow While You Relax Hot
Chris   January 03, 2013  
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Nobody likes to do backbreaking work, but people love to play their video games; so why not combine the two and let a machine do the work for you while you sit back with your coffee and control it from afar?

I always say "a lazy man comes up with the best inventions", and the RoboPlow seems to fit the quote pretty well. Tired of clearing snow by hand, the guys from IdeaLaboratories came up with an RC snow plowing machine that features 6 wheel drive, a pneumatic 50" plow blade, an on-board camera and more. Weighing in at just under 1000 lbs, the RoboPLow doesn't seem to have any trouble handing a few inches of snow on the ground.

Unfortunately the RoboPlow does not appear to be in productions, so if you want one you are going to have to build it yourself.

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