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OXX COFFEEBOXX coffee maker
Chris   November 20, 2014   0   1  
Nothing gets you going like a nice hot cup of coffee in the wee hours of morning, but getting unlimited good fresh hot coffee on the jobsite isn’t always easy. One way to do it though, is to bring your coffee maker with you, and the Coffeeboxx Coffee Maker thinks it is perfect for the task.
world first 3d printed concrete castle
Chris   September 02, 2014   1   1  
Andrey Rudenko, an engineer in Minnesota, has successfully built a large scale castle using a custom designed 3D concrete printer, and that is just the beginning. He started experimenting with 3D printing concrete about 20 years ago and now the technology is here to make full-scale 3D home printing possible.
Festool CT Wings
Chris   August 13, 2014   1   1  
Festool has a new tool accessory that at first sight looks like a gimmick, but it turns out it might be more useful than you think. The new Festool CT Wings is an add-on that turns your dust extractor into an expensive, but useful, third arm.
Makibox A6 Print
Chris   April 30, 2014   0   1  
Actually, I funded the cheap $350 Makibox 3D Printer two years ago, and after a lengthy design and production process I got my reward a couple of months ago. What was the purpose of me buying a 3D printer? I wanted to see if an average person, like myself, could benefit from the technology or if 3D printers were over hyped.
Sandpaper Cutter
Chris   July 24, 2013   1   1  
If you have an electric sander that uses ½ or ¼-sheets of sandpaper, you probably find yourself spending a bit of time cutting your sheets to the correct size. If you use your sander fairly often, it can be a hassle cutting sheet after sheet. While cutting sandpaper is not exactly hard to do—and there are plenty of ways to do it—John Heisz from has a better way.
Flipout Tantrum
Chris   June 20, 2013   0   1  
It is not always easy fitting your full sized drill/driver into tight spaces or in awkward positions, and that's what led Joel Townsan to invent a new compact driver that offers a total of 168 configurations—so you are sure find one that suits your task. After 9-years of R&D he has turned to Kickstarter to get his baby into production.
Woodworker's Journal Power Tool Tune-Up App
Chris   February 21, 2013   0   1  
How often do you give your power tools a tune up? I know it is not always easy or convenient, but hopefully you don't wait until something goes terribly wrong before you give your tools the attention they need. To make power tool maintenance a bit easier, there is now an app for that.
Making the 7xstool
Chris   February 12, 2013   1   2  
Think that just because you use a chainsaw to hand carve sculptures out of logs that your job is safe and irreplaceable? Think again. One robotic articulating arm with chainsaw attachment is gunning for your job.
Chris   January 03, 2013   1   0  
Nobody likes to do backbreaking work, but people love to play their video games; so why not combine the two and let a machine do the work for you while you sit back with your coffee and control it from afar?
Leaked Photos Of The New 12V DeWALT Drill Gun?
Chris   June 22, 2012   0   1  
The newest Yellow tool promises to make holes faster than any other ultra compact drill gun on the market today. However, with this greater speed does come some limitations. Unlike traditional drill guns, this model is limited to only 13 holes per charge and can only produce 11.5mm or .452 in sized holes. Its limitations might sound like a deal breaker but it also has the ability to produce holes at distances up to, and surpassing, 55 yards. In case it wasn't already obvious by the outlandish specs, what you are seeing is not a new drill...
27 results - showing 1 - 10  
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