Get Blueprints On your iPad With PlanGrid

Get Blueprints On your iPad With PlanGrid
Chris   April 10, 2012  
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Get Blueprints On your iPad With PlanGrid

You show up to work and start building, but little did you know that the day before there were people working behind the scenes changing the blueprints. Of course your work day started at 6AM, but you won't even know changes were made until the Suit calls you during your break just as he is starting his day.

This problem or something similar is all to common on jobsites where last minute changes are made by architects, but by the time the changes reach you, it is too late. It takes time to make the changes to the plans, print out a new set and have them sent to the jobsite. This is where the fax machine in a jobsite trailer saves the day.

But fax machines are old tech, and if you have an iPad, want to save on paper costs, and want to be sure the plans in the field are up to date and match the plans at the office, then maybe you need something like PlanGrid. PlanGrid is an app and cloud service that allows building plans to be updated in the office and have them synchronize to all the shared devices. Think Google Documents but for building plans. If a worker in the field notices an issue, he can highlight the problem and email back to the office.

You can start out hosting 50 pages on the PlanGrid servers for free, or if you need more you can get 550 pages for $19.99 a month or 5000 for $49.99 a month. I imagine services like this will become more and more popular as the years go by. Just picture something like this paired with the rumored Google augmented-reality glasses. Sweet.

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