Twitter Giveaways

Chris   January 07, 2010  
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Have I convinced you to use twitter yet? Probably not, but all the contests and giveaways that can be found on twitter might make it hard to pass up.

Just recently I won a 6 pack of Liquid Wrench sprays by answering a simple question during one of the Liquid Wrench giveaways, and in my last post I talked about the contest Craftsman is running. Liquid Wrench, like a number of other companies, has turned to Twitter to help get free/cheap advertising. One of the easiest ways to get your name out there is by running a simple contest and using peoples own tweets to spread the word. Right now, it seems Liquid Wrench is running the trivia contest once a day, and the chances of winning are pretty good.

I am not saying you have to use Twitter everyday, or even at all, but it is at least worth it to sign up so you can participate in the free giveaways.

Liquid Wrench on Twitter