Origin Laser Tools LaserCube Only Costs 1 Grand

Origin Laser Tools LaserCube Only Costs 1 Grand
Chris   December 15, 2011  
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Origin Laser Tools LaserCube Only Costs 1 Grand

We first learned about Origin Laser Tools when they introduced the world to their $5000 3-axis self-leveling 360-degree line laser. Not only is it the coolest looking 3-axis laser on the market, but it has an incredible accuracy of ±1/32" @ 100 feet. Origin Laser Tools is at it again, this time with the LaserCube ML-3.

While their previous laser used brushless DC motors to provide the self leveling and the accuracy, the Origin Laser Tools LaserCube ML-3 ditches all of that and leaves the leveling, or non-leveling up to the user. The ML-3 was designed with remodel construction and boat building in mind, where the structure might not always be level. In these cases it is more important to match the tilt of the structure, then to be perfectly level. Due to being manual, the ML-3 is much smaller than its predecessor, but it still features the same 360-degree optics and metal and wood accent design cues. Weighing in at 1.5lbs, the ML-3 is a solid tool that is machined out of a solid block of 6061 aluminum. Lets just hope it never falls overboard, cause it will sink like a rock and you will be out $995, the price of the ML-3.

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