Mythbusters' Adam Savage Reveals His Two Favorite Tools

Mythbusters' Adam Savage Reveals His Two Favorite Tools

Chris   February 28, 2012  
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If you have ever seen the show Mythbusters, you have probably seen the amazing contraptions they build to help them prove or disprove a myth. They have an amazing shop to work out of with all the tools needed to build anything. So when Adam Savage has access to so many tools, what two do you think are his favorites?

There are two tools Adam says he doesn't go anywhere without and the first is a cordless band saw. He says he likes the tool because it can cut just about anything, and they use a lot of different materials on the show, so the cordless band saw sounds like a good choice. In fact, he loves the tool so much he says he "would make lunch with it if he could". Adam's second favorite tool is a bit more obvious and is the ever popular Leatherman multi-tool. Adam says he has been carrying one everywhere he goes for 25 years and has gone through a half-dozen or so of them because he does a lot of flying and knives and planes don't mix.

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