Weekend Links: Saw Stop Mandated, Modular Power Tools

Weekend Links: Saw Stop Mandated, Modular Power Tools

Chris   July 14, 2012  
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New Bosch Workwear – Capris for workers? - Tools In Action

Is it fun to laugh at the expense of others? It is when you see people who are supposed to be "construction workers" dancing around like they were on a reality TV show. They got our attention so I guess their plan worked, though maybe not the attention Bosch wanted because the video evidence has been removed from YouTube.

Black & Decker is Working on a Modular Power Tool System? - ToolGuyd

ToolGuyd seems to have some inside information about a modular power tool system being devolved by Black & Decker. One question though, who wants a modular tool system? Sure, having a single tool that can do multiple tasks with the swap of a head sounds like a good idea, but it is not as fast as having each tool you need on hand. I doubt this will be a DeWalt tool, so will it get the Porter-Cable name or the B & D name.

BenchMark Table Review – Penultimate Woodshop

There are some products that are so cool you just have to go out and buy them, for one Tool-Rank reader it was the Benchmark Portable Work Table. When he saw it he immediately thought he had found his solution; after all it does seem like it would be a great portable work station. Read his full review to see if it lived up to his expectations.

SawStop All But Mandated in California – ProToolReviews

It looks like my home state is up to its stupidity again. A state that is billions of dollars in debt has done nothing to try and revive the economy, but has found the time to pass a bill that they somehow find more important. This is not he last step in passing the bill, but it is sure to happen and it looks like 2015 will be the year when the affordable table saw dies (in California). Enter the table saw black market.

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