Wedding Rings That Are Jobsite Safe

Wedding Rings That Are Jobsite Safe
Chris   March 20, 2015  
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Qalo silicone wedding ring

Do you wear your wedding ring while on the jobsite? If you do, did you know you could be putting your ring finger at risk? I read an interesting article from Tools Of The Trade talking about the dangers of wearing a wedding ring on the job, when I remembered a guy I used to work with. I do not remember the full story, but he lost his finger after his ring got caught on a ladder he was coming down. Could a silicone ring be the jobsite solution?

A company by the name of QALO makes both Men’s and Women’s wedding rings, designed for people with an active lifestyle. The QALO silicone rings have been designed to break off if they get snagged on something, rather than pulling your finger off. Since they are made of non-conductive silicone, they have the added benefit to those trades working with electricity. These QALO rings are not very fancy, certainly not as fancy as even a cheap gold ring, but they do the job of showing people that you are married.

The QALO wedding rings are available in multiple colors and multiple sizes for $15.99 for women and $19.99 for Men. BUY - Amazon

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