The Toolbox Meets The 21st Century With The Coolbox

The Toolbox Meets The 21st Century With The Coolbox
Chris   March 17, 2015  
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Coolbox Toolbox

A toolbox holds your tools—but when you want it to do more, you might need to get yourself a Coolbox. The Coolbox is a new project up in Indiegogo that has already raised over $260,000 of their $50,000 goal. What makes the Coolbox so cool? It is packed full of technology to help make your tool using experience more enjoyable.

It might not be hard to become the world’s smartest toolbox, after all, most tool boxes are not in any way smart, but the Coolbox took things to the next level. Featuring a marine-grade 40W Bluetooth Speakers, a few places to hold a smart device, USB ports for charging, an LCD clock, a built-in retractable 12 foot power, three outlets, a 20V rechargeable li-po battery, and LED work lights. Believe it or not, they even managed to provide storage space for tools.

Backers can get the Coolbox for a discounted price of $169 $179, which is $130 less than retail price. For an additional $39, backers will receive signature-edition Coolbox tools to go with the toolbox. Coolbox

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