The Mosely Infinity Modular Level Could Be The Best Tool Ever

The Mosely Infinity Modular Level Could Be The Best Tool Ever
Chris   April 23, 2015  
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Mosely Infinity Level First Look

The problem with levels is that if you want to do the job right, you really need to have a level that fits the size of your project. For door installers this might be a 78” and a 32” level, and for cabinet installers this might be a 24” and a 48”. The Mosely Infinity Level wants to solve this problem with their modular system, where level sections can connect to form a level from 12” up to infinity.

Using 12” and 24” sized level sections that lock together with a cam mechanism, the Mosely Infinity Level can literally grow or shrink to fit any situation; but that is just the beginning. The locking mechanism also allows the level to be locked into the shape of an L or T-square, or along its face to work around corners.

Because the Mosely Infinity Level is machined out of a solid block of aluminum, they were able to build in a few more goodies. In addition to holes that would let a user screw the level directly to a wall to act as a ledger, their leveling cams allow for fine adjusts after it has already been screwed to a wall.

Mosely says their level is extremely ridged, and if it works as well as they say, I could see myself using two 24” sections (48”) and two 12” sections (24”) as my go to levels. With them, I would essentially have everything from a 1-foot to a 6-foot level with everything in-between.

Mosely Infinity Level has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to get their production costs down, so be sure to check it out and to learn more about the tool.

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