Start Plumbing With The BernzOmatic Trigger-Start Plumber Kit

Start Plumbing With The BernzOmatic Trigger-Start Plumber Kit Hot
Chris   March 31, 2015  
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BernzOmatic Trigger-Start Plumbing Kit

We might not all be professional plumbers, but that doesn't mean we cant do our own plumbing  maintenance and repairs around the house. To help the beginner get started, BernzOmatic has put together a grab-and-go kit with the basic tools needed to start sweating copper pipe.

The BernzOmatic Trigger Start Plumbing Torch Kit (model WPK2301) features an easy to use torch head that self-ignites at the press of a button and its flame can be adjusted with the turn of a knob. Included in the kit with the WT2301 Self-Igniting Torch Head is a 14oz. Cylinder filled with propane fuel, 0.5oz. of water soluble flux, 1.5oz. lead-free silver solder, and an Acid Brush. Not bad for just under $30, but the kit is missing the tools needed to clean copper pipe, like an emery cloth and a fitting brush, which are both mentioned in the instructions.  BUY - Lowe’s

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