A few reviews are coming soon.

A few reviews are coming soon.

Chris   July 28, 2008  
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I just want to update everyone and let you know that we have a few new tool reviews coming soon. These will be different then the normal reviews found in the reviews sections. These will be full indepth reviews including pictures from box opening, all the way to tool usage.

You can expect to see the Bosch PS40-2 Impactor and Ps20 Drill from the Giveaway contest. You will also get 2 reviews  for Final Cut products. One using their 10" saw blade, and another with their 12" abrasive disks.

We at Tool-Rank look forward to bringing you real world reviews, by using the products in the field. Therefore these reviews will take longer then a simple test run. We want to know, just as you, if the tools actually do what they say they can do.