Rockwell SoniShear SoniCrafter Attachment Review

Rockwell SoniShear SoniCrafter Attachment Review

Chris   April 28, 2010  
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Rockwell might not have been the first company to make an oscillation tool, but that didn't stop them from trying the make the world of oscillation accessories a better place. The SoniShear attachment for the SoniCrafter quite simply turns your oscillation saw into a pair of power shears cutting at a whopping 20,000 strokes per minute. At only $25, the introduction of a low cost power shear should be a welcomed addition to DIY world... if it works. Rockwell sent out a SoniShear so we could find out for ourselves.

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When I first saw photos of the SoniShear, it looked like it would take a bit of work to attach it to the body of the SoniCrafter, but that was not the case at all. The SoniShear wraps half way around the body of the SoniCrafter and fits snugly to prevent it from moving during operation and attaches to the tool just like any other accessory using the washer and screw.

So what can the SoniShear cut? Rockwell says it can cut thousand of materials, and this is probably true. I tested it out my self by cutting a few things I had around the house (see video). I had no problem cutting through everything I could find, including cardboard, 1/2” foam, plastic packaging, and even a roofing shingle.

The only problem I had with SoniShear was the awkwardness involved in reaching the power switch because the tool is turned on its side. It wasn't much of a deal breaker for me and I would only rate the awkwardness a 3 out of 10. However, this might be a problem for some that need to do many small cuts and require the tool to be turned on and off rather quickly.

At only $25 it seems like a good deal for anyone looking to add more cutting options to their SoniCrafter.

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