Big Ass Light Review - The Best LED Lights For Your Garage

Big Ass Light Review - The Best LED Lights For Your Garage
Chris   August 07, 2015  
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Big Ass Light Garage LED workshop light

Just to make things clear from the get go, no, I am not swearing at you. The Big Ass Light I am reviewing today is an actual LED workshop light from a company called Big Ass Solutions, who might be better known for their Big Ass Fans. Ok, so now that that is out of the way, let’s get on to the review of a rather compact LED shop light that delivers some Big Ass Light output.

Garages are not known for having the best lighting, after all, they typically don’t have any windows; so any light that you need in your garage or workshop has to come from light fixtures. Usually, when someone wants to turn their garage into usable work space, they need more than just the one built-in incandescent light and the one built into the garage door opener. To get good light, oftentimes this means running a bunch of wires, and installing a few fluorescent fixtures.

Led Light For A Garage Or Workshop

The Big Ass Light is a new product that uses the latest in LED technology to deliver high quality light in a compact 23.1”x9.18” housing. Instead of installing a few big fluorescent light fixtures, that really don’t produce a good light color output, a two car garage only requires two of the LED light fixtures from Big Ass Lights. You heard right, Big Ass Light suggests that you only need one of their fixtures for each car bay of your garage; of course it never hurts to add more.

Installing a Big Ass Light is as simple as can be in both new and existing buildings. It comes with a 10-foot cord to reach the nearest outlet and two s-hooks for hanging to ceiling joists. I have mine plugged into a switched outlet, but they also offer a motion activated sensor option that can completely eliminate the need for a power switch.

Big Ass Light LED Garage Lighting

Big Ass Light, Like A Mini Sun

Not only are their light fixtures super bright, but the quality and the color of the light is also really good. Turning on the light is like having your own mini sun in your garage or workshop, and the light is diffused enough that it eliminates any harsh shadows. At only 122 watts, the Big Ass Light outputs a total of 13,000 Lumens with its 72 individual LEDs. A single fixture is many times brighter than my old setup in my workshop, and it uses the same amount of electricity.

A Big Ass Light is not as cheap as other light fixtures on the market, but in this case I believe you are getting what you pay for; and that is high quality energy-efficient LED garage lighting that will last you for many years. The complete fixture comes with a 7-year warranty, and the LEDs are predicted to exceed 150,000 hours of runtime; that’s 70 years if run 6 hours a day. For comparison, a good quality LED household bulb might only have a life of 25,000 hours. The whole light fixture is built like a tank using extruded aluminum, and should be able to handle getting knocked around in a garage or shop environment, something that cannot be said about fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. I for one, am happy that I won't have to worry about bulbs for the next 70 years. If all goes according to plan, you could actually pass the Big Ass Light down to your children. The Garage Light from Big Ass Light is suitable for most residential and shop lighting needs, but Big Ass Light also offers bigger led light fixture options for larger workshops, warehouses or even gymnasiums. - HomeDepot


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