Bernzomatic's TS8000 Torch Is A Useful Upgrade To A Reliable Classic

Bernzomatic's TS8000 Torch Is A Useful Upgrade To A Reliable Classic
Gary   November 15, 2017  
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Benrzomatic TS8000 flame adjustments

Since Bernzomatic will be featuring the TS8000 torch kit as a Home Depot Black Friday deal, they've asked us to take a closer look at their latest auto-start ignition, adjustable flame hand Torch. The holiday promotions will include a savings of up to $10 on the TS8000KC Torch and cylinder kit and up to $6.59 on a 2-pack of MAP-Pro fuel cylinders at Home Depot. The deals will run at the Home Depot beginning today and will last until November 29th.

Before I delve into the latest features and performance of the TS8000, let me say that years ago I came to realize that my Bernzomatic TS4000 auto-ignition hand torch was much too useful to be stored away as solely a soldering tool; in fact, before finishing my re-pipe project I already had a dozen other uses in mind for the reliable flame. Whether the torch sat near the grill where it was used to give a quick start to the charcoal, or on the hearth where kindling had been set ablaze, it never sat very far from a useful application. And with my torch never having a permanent shelf location, it got banged around a bit, but it still always gave a precise flame with the touch of the button.

Just as my old torch, the TS8000 lights easily by depressing the ignition button; and once lit, if a hands-free application is needed there is a flame lock button that locks on the valve for continuous use. Occasionally the press of the ignition button fails to start a flame, but with a second try I've never failed to ignite the Torch; this is why I deem it a very reliable flame. There is also an ignition lock that prevents an accidental ignition if bumped.

Bernzomatic torch controls

The biggest difference the TS8000 offers is the flame itself and the ability to adjust the output of the flame. Using the flame adjustment knob you can burn a quiet one-inch blue flame, or you can dial it up to the wide open position for a roaring six-inch ultra swirl flame with a heat output appropriate for brazing, soldering and heat treating. Of course, with a dial knob, anything between the two extremes can also be used. Now, I've used my TS4000 many times for soldering and for heating up metal, but with the ultra swirl flame of the TS8000, larger applications can be achieved more easily and in less time; and for jewelers and hobbyists, the lower flame might be more desirable than a one-flame-size-fits-all approach.

The body of the TS8000 is cast aluminum, and excluding the weight of a full cylinder, is very light. It also fits well in the hand. With a built-in regulator I found a consistent flame with the Torch positioned at any angle; however, instructions caution that if tipped beyond 60 degrees the torch may flare. Honestly, I couldn't get the torch to “flare” and I'm not quite sure what this means. For all my projects I use Bernzomatic MAP-Pro cylinders, but propane may also be used with this torch for a less intense blue/yellow flame.

Beginning this review expressing my satisfaction with my TS4000, I can see no reason to expect anything less from the TS8000, with years ahead to discover even more uses. To learn more about the TS8000 and its many uses, or to check out the wide range of Bernzomatic products that suit the needs of professional chefs to professional plumbers, and everyone in between, be sure to visit Bernzomatic.

As mentioned above, Bernzomatic is running a special deal at Home Depot for the Holiday Season that knocks up to $10 off of the regular purchase price of the TS8000KC Kit, which includes both the torch and a 14.1 oz. MAP-Pro cylinder. If you have a large project ahead, they also have a deal to save up to $6.59 on the purchase of a 2-pack of Bernzomatic MAP-Pro Cylinders.

This article was sponsored by Bernzomatic, but these opinions are all my own.


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