New DeWalt Pro Organizer Is Just What I Need

New DeWalt Pro Organizer Is Just What I Need
Chris   July 21, 2014  
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DEWALT Midsize Organizer DWST14740

How many different types of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, or anchors does a person need for any given task? If you were to look at the current selection of screw organizer boxes, 10 seems to be the magic number. But in reality, most tasks only require a few different fasters, the rest are just extra weight we have to carry around for a completely different task. This why I am happy to see that DeWalt has come out with a new Mid-Size Pro Organizer that is about half the size of other screw organizers.

For the bulk of my work I only need three or four fasteners, so why am I carrying around a screw organizer that has room for ten? I can’t leave any of them empty either, so they end up getting filled with fasteners I might use only a few times a year. 

It looks like the DeWalt DWST14740 Mid-Size Pro Organizer was designed for people like me. Featuring six removable inner cups (3.12" x 4.29” x 3.58”) housed in an impact resistant shell with a see-through lid, each DWST14740 can be customized to handle a specific task. If you need to take on more than one task, two or more of the DWST14740 organizers can be locked together and carried with one handle.

The lid on the Pro Organizer is designed in a way that locks the cups into place so that even if you remove a few, they remain secure. The lid also features an injected water seal that helps prevent moisture and other debris from entering your organizer. MSRP for the DWST14740 is $14.99 and it is available now. BUY – Home Depot

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