Keter Introduces A 3-Tier Cantilever Organizer

Keter Introduces A 3-Tier Cantilever Organizer
Chris   March 06, 2014  
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17198033 Keter Canti Trio

Keter is the maker of those popular cantilever organizers and toolboxes that you for sale at the Home Depot, or as part of a Kreg Jig kit. Keter offers them in a few different sizes and configurations, but up until now they have all been 2-tiered models. Well that has all changed.

The Keter Canti Trio is based on the same design as the 2-tired models but with an extra level and all the hardware needed to make the cantilever design work. Two metal latches on the front keep all three levels secure while in the closed position, while a see-through lid still grants access to the top level. Once unlatched the unit is free to cantilever open, with two legs on the second level keeping the whole thing from toppling over. Each level comes with removable dividers so you can customize the box to suit your needs.

For those people that like the original cantilever toolbox but want to take even more with you in one hand, hopefully the Canti Trio will suffice. I am hoping the Canti Trio is first of more 3-tired models. I would like to see some that are bigger and come with removable bins.

These are so new I have yet to see them anywhere and do not have pricing on them. I will keep my eye out.

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