Inventables Announces New X-Carve 3D Carving Machine

Inventables Announces New X-Carve 3D Carving Machine
Chris   March 03, 2015  
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Inventables Announces New X-Carve 3D Carving Machine

X-Carve is the latest desktop 3D Carving machine from Inventables Inc., the makers of the the popular Shapeoko 2 3D Carving CNC machine and other cnc desktop machines. With the X-Carve, Inventables is bringing affordable 3D carving to makers with a machine that can mill plastic, wood, and even metal at a starting price of only $799.

Learning from their Shapeoko 2 CNC Carver, Inventables took that same basic design and refined the heck out of it. I guess one of the complaints about the Shapeoko 2 was how long it took to put together, so in designing X-Carve, they set out to reduce the number of total parts by half. But because it shares its design from the Shapeoko 2, both models are cross-compatible. The added benefit of engineering the X-Carve to have less parts is that it is more rigid, which should translate into more accurate carving.

Another thing Inventables is doing differently with the X-Carve is the way you buy it. You will no longer be limited to a specific kit that might or might not suit your specific needs. Almost like buying a computer, they have set up a store that allows shoppers to select what kind of upgrades they want. Then later on if your needs change, you can purchase additional parts to expand the size and/or functionality of the system.

The Basic 500x500mm X-Carve kit contains all the parts needed to build a functional machine and starts at $799. It even includes a 24VDC Spindle at this price, though you can save a bit here by using using your own router. The fully loaded 1000x1000mm X-Carve Kit is priced at $1256 and comes with all the upgrades, such as larger NEMA motors, upgraded lead screw, assembly tools, clamps, end mills, and more.


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