Hot! eBay: Hegner Multimax 22V Is Back

Hot! eBay: Hegner Multimax 22V Is Back

Chris   July 24, 2009  
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Remember that Hegner 22 inch scroll saw demo unit I told you about last month. Then is was listed for $1095.00 with $98 for shipping, but didnt sell. Now the price has been lowered and at 2 bids the price is currenty listed at $795.00 with $98 for shipping. An amazing deal if you ask me... if I only had the cash.

Package includes:

  • A demo, LIKE-NEW, Hegner Multimax 22V Scroll Saw
  • A new Hegner welded steel stand
  • Hegner Instruction manual
  • Assorted Scroll saw blades
  • All required tools
  • Hegner Quickclamp
  • A FIVE year warranty
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