DeWalt Introduces new Mechanic Tool Sets & Mechanic Accessory Tool Sets

DeWalt Introduces new Mechanic Tool Sets & Mechanic Accessory Tool Sets
Chris   April 07, 2015  
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DWMT73801 DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set

Made with professionals in mind, DeWalt has introduced its new Mechanics Tool Sets, featuring sockets, ratchets, drivers, wrenches and more. In addition, their new Mechanics Accessory Tool Sets allow pros to customize their tool platform with smaller modular tool cases that connect to build a custom tool platform.

The DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Tool Sets are backed by a full lifetime warranty that includes a hassle-free replacement program with next day delivery. DeWalt Mechanics Tool Sets include a 168 piece set (model DWMT73803) which retails for approximately $159.99, 142 piece set (model DWMT73802) which retails for approximately $119.99), and 108 piece set (model DWMT73801) which retails for approximately $89.99. The sets come in a blow molded plastic case with metal latches that DeWalt says can take a beating, which is important for any tool set that will last you a lifetime.

For those of you that do not need a full set of tools in your daily job, DeWalt has come out with their Mechanic Accessory Tool Sets. These smaller sets are housed in individual trays that clip together as part of the new modular DeWalt Tough Lock Stacking System. The cases feature a shatter-resistant transparent lid so it is easy to see what is inside while you have multiple cases locked together.

The follow DeWalt Mechanic Tool Sets will be available:

  • DWMT73804 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Socket Set- 34 Piece $44.99
  • DWMT73805 1/4" Drive Socket Set -25 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73806 3/8" Drive Bit Socket Set-17 Piece $19.99
  • DWMT73807 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Accessory Set- 15 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73708 1/4" Drive Multi- Bit and Nut Driver Set- 70 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73809 SAE Combination Wrench Set- 8 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73810 METRIC Combination Wrench Set- 8 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73811 1/4" Drive Deep Socket Set- 20 Piece $19.99
  • DWMT73812 3/8" Drive Deep Socket Set- 20 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73813 1/2" Drive Socket Set- 23 Piece $49.99
  • DWMT73814 1/2" Drive Deep Socket Set SAE- 10 Piece $29.99
  • DWMT73815 1/2" Drive Deep Socket Set METRIC- 10 Piece $29.99

The great thing about this modular system is that you are able to purchase new Accessory Tool Sets as your needs grow, and only take what you need to specific jobs. For example, if you have a project that you know uses only metric fasteners, you might take the metric wrench set, and metric socket set.


DWMT73801 DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set
DWMT73804 DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set
DWMT73809 DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set
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