Magic Cabinet Screwdriver

Magic Cabinet Screwdriver

Chris   June 12, 2009  
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Check out this amazing screwdriver from SKG Tools. Using its mystical powers it can magically be used on #1 - #3 Phillips head screws as well has #1 - #3 PoziDrive screws. Sweet. OK... maybe it doesn't rely on magical powers, but you have to be impressed with the engineering that went into a single bit that can be used to drive 6 different screw heads.

Anyone working with Euro style cabinet hinges knows that using a Phillips screwdriver on PoziDrive screws, just doesn't work very well. But, switching back and forth when you are also installing door pulls that use regular Phillips screws can be a pain. Problem solved. This great screwdriver is priced about the same as a regular #2 PoziDriv screwdriver, so if it works, it would be a great replacement. It can be found Online at Duluth Trading for $16.50.

If anyone knows of an online distributer of more SKG Tools, please let us know in the comments

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