DIY Ultrasonic Distance Measure

DIY Ultrasonic Distance Measure
Chris   February 04, 2011  
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John Park in the Maker Shed: Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Back in the olden days when a man needed a tool, he made it himself; but now all we have to do is head to the local hardware store. Tech is really growing in the construction world, and this makes making your own tools almost impossible. But for those of you looking to get back to your home-made tool roots, check out this DIY ultrasonic distance measure. To make you own ultrasonic measure, all you need is the open-source Arduino ($35), a ping ultrasonic sensor ($30), a display ($50), and a bit of code (free). Of course the whole thing will cost you more then a more accurate laser distance measure, but don't let that stop you.

Via Make Blog

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