Coast Announces New Polysteel Flashlights

Coast Announces New Polysteel Flashlights
Chris   April 29, 2014  
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Coast PS14 PolySteel Flashlight

I am already a fan of Coast because they make great LED flashlights and knives at reasonable prices. So what can they do to be even better? How about making their most popular flashlight designs even stronger by using polymer.

Coast typically constructs their flashlights out of aluminum, which is probably strong enough for most people, but still there are people that need something more. If you need a light that is waterproof, crush proof, drop proof, and scratch proof, Coast says their Polysteel LED flashlights are for you.

The new PS5, PS7, and PS14 Coast flashlights are based on other popular Coast designs, but instead use a stainless steel core that is wrapped in a molded polymer coating. It not only increases durability, but the imprinted crosshatch texture also makes them easier to grip.

The lights themselves feature Coast's Pure Beam focusing system that produces bright, even lighting, and their Twist Focus light control to go from flood to spot focus. A partial depression of the rear switch also allows the user to cycle between low, medium, and high power outputs.

The new lights will be on display at the National hardware Show in Las Vegas from May 6-8, where you can test them out for yourselves. They should become available this fall for $30 - $50.

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