Two New Bosch Laser Range-finders Hit Germany - USA Someday?

Two New Bosch Laser Range-finders Hit Germany - USA Someday?

Chris   August 15, 2009  
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Bosch glm250

Bosch is a German company, so as expected Europe gets all the cool Bosch tools before we get them here in the US. Yeah it sucks, but this allows us to get a sneak peak at some of their latest gadgets before, or (the sad part) if they make it to the US market.

The latest tools to come out of Bosch Germany are a pair of digital laser ranger-finders, that offer more features and greater measuring distance then their current line of DLR's. As the names suggest, the new GLM150 offers 150 meters(492 feet) of measuring, and the GLM250 250 meters(820 feet) at ±1.0mm. These specs blow the current US models of 130 feet(DLR130K) and 165 feet(DLR165K) at ±1/16inch out of this world.

Not only has the measuring distance been increased, but Bosch has also added a ton of new features. The new lasers offer a total of eight measuring functions, including Pythagorean theorem, Combined Pythagoras, double Pythagoras, trapezoid function, and many more. Another great feature is the addition of a memory system that will automatically save the last 30 measurements.

I don't know if these will make it to the US, but I sure hope so.

Bosch GLM150 & GLM250 - Amazon Germany

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