Sears Announces Plans To Close Down Some Stores

Sears Announces Plans To Close Down Some Stores

Chris   December 27, 2011  
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Is my prediction of the end of Sears already starting to come true? I made this prediction when it was announced that Craftsman tools would be sold at Ace Hardware stores, then just two weeks ago a Wall St. analysis made the prediction that Sears would disappear in 2012.

Today it was announced that upwards of 120 Sears and Kmart stores would be closing their doors due to lackluster Holiday sales. The exact locations of said stores have not been determined just yet, but a list will be available at once the decision has been made. While this does come as bad news, Sears and Kmart combined still has over 2,000 store locations. Maybe a little consolidation is what Sears needs. It is probably wise to start using up any Sears gift cards you might have.


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