Ridgid Pneumatic JobMax Oscillation Multi-Tool

Ridgid Pneumatic JobMax Oscillation Multi-Tool

Chris   April 23, 2012  
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The JobMax is a tool that Ridgid makes that features a corded or cordless body that can accept interchangeable heads. The System has been out for a while now, with improvements and attachments coming along the way. Now it appears the next step for the JobMax system is to go pneumatic.

The Ridgid Pneumatic JobMax Model: R9020PNK Multi-Tool Kit is available now on for just under $120. It includes the oscilling head and a few accessories, but it is also compatible with the other JobMax heads, including the auto-hammer, impact driver, ratchet, and jigsaw heads.

This tool sounds awesome, right, like you could use it while you are installing floors or baseboard? Well unfortunately no, the pneumatic JobMax requires 18.2 CFM @ 90PSI, which is far above what most portable compressors can handle. Looks like this tool is constrained to the shop.

Ridgid Pneumatic JobMax - HomeDepot
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