Put a Coat On Your Saw Blade And It Will Work Better

Put a Coat On Your Saw Blade And It Will Work Better
Chris   June 28, 2012  
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Put a Coat On Your Saw Blade And It Will Work Better

The process for making good circular saw blades is not too complex and thus circular saw blades are becoming increasingly better as the years go by. Because the process is simple, manufacturers are looking at every possible way to get an edge on the competition. Lately the quest for blade superiority has led brands to master blade coatings. Making a sharp blade is not enough.

A German company named Guhdo has come out with their line of Gmaxx saw blades that they are touting as offering superior blade performance. The Gmaxx line of blades feature an electrostatically applied coating that reduces blade friction and heat buildup. Too much heat can cause a blade to deform and warp, this coating aims to solve that problem. Gmaxx blades also go through a proprietary grinding process to insure the blades are precision balanced.

David Kerr, Group Vice President at Guhdo GMBH, states that, "Gmaxx represents real, meaningful advances in saw blade technology. We wouldn't have introduced the line unless we had product that significantly raised the bar." Kerr ends with, "Guhdo's fine worldwide reputation for precision cutting tools is more than aptly represented in the Gmaxx brand and we're really excited about the line's reception among commercial and custom furniture manufacturers, woodworkers, contractors and remodelers in North America."

Gmaxx blades are available in a variety of types and sizes to fit many applications. Best of all they can easily be found on Amazon and other online retailers

Gmaxx – Amazon

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