Podcaster To Replace The New Yankee Workshop

Podcaster To Replace The New Yankee Workshop

Chris   June 03, 2010  
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The retirement of the popular TV show the New Yankee Workshop left a void in the fans of woodworking lovers. We can not blame Norm Abrams for ending the long time running TV show that probably took up most of his time, but we will still miss it. Thankfully you can still catch his show on reruns, and even online; but that doesn't change the fact that the show is gone.

Now we hear news of a new show that is coming from the same PBS station that brought us the New Yankee Workshop, WGBH-TV. The new show called "Rough Cut Woodworking With Tommy Mac" is a big step forward for host Thomas MacDonald that takes him from video podcaster to the national public television spotlight. The show will air in October on PBS stations and on the PBS digital cable channel, Create. If you just cant wait until October, you can check out the Tommy Mac 207 podcast to get an idea of what the PBS show might be like.

207 Woodworking via Woodshop News