Paslode Creates More Powerful Nails

Paslode Creates More Powerful Nails

Chris   February 01, 2010  
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Paslode must have some really good scientists and engineers on their staff, because they have managed to somehow make a framing nail that is both easier to drive, and has 20% better holding strength over a traditional framing nail. Their new PowerBoost black tip nail coating was specifically designed to help cordless framing nailers, such as the Paslode CF325, drive nails flush into the the hardest of engineered lumber, such as LVL.

“Rather than build a bigger, heavier tool with more power and larger fuel cells, we decided to look at ways to make the tool more powerful through new nail innovations," said Jacek Romanski, Market Manager for Paslode.

The new nails are shipped in a Fuel + Nail Combo pack, with one fuel cell for every 1000 nails. They can be purchased in both a 1000 pack and a 3000 pack at a 3” or 3-1/4” nail size.