New Sliding T-Bevel Locks At 90-Degrees

New Sliding T-Bevel Locks At 90-Degrees
Chris   July 07, 2011  
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Superior Works Sliding Bevel

In 1872 J. Robinson patented the first butt-locking sliding t-bevel, and ever since, his model has been the paradigm to all other models. It is an invaluable tool for people of all trades and can be used to easily duplicate and transfer any angle you can find; with a little help from a protractor, these angles can even be identified. The only downside to the t-bevel is that it can not be used to accurately set 90-degree angles.

Almost 140 years later Patrick Leach comes along and sets a new paradigm with his new sliding t-bevel that features a 90-degree locking mechanism. A simple flick of a switch is all that is needed to push a tab that sets the sliding bevel at a perfect 90-degrees. The design is so simple that we wonder how it is possible that fruition has taken so long. The coolest part of all is the fact that Leach built his bevel as an exact reproduction of the original Robinson bevel, the only difference being his improvement. As for price? Try in the neighborhood of $300.

Will it be another 140 years until we have a model that locks at 45 degrees as well?

The Superior Works via Popular Woodworking

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