Makita's New Drywall Screwdriver Lineup

Makita's New Drywall Screwdriver Lineup

Chris   February 04, 2010  
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When Makita comes out with new tools, it seems like they always do it in numbers and such is the case with their new drywall screwdriver line. Makita has announced three new screwdrivers, one to fit each persons needs. All three models feature a 6 amp motor, an aluminum gear housing, adjustable depth locator, and they would not be Makita's without LED work lights.

The only difference in the models are the maximum speeds. The FS2200 delivers 2,500 RPM and weighs 3.5 lbs. The FS4200 delivers 4,000 RPM , and the FS6200 delivers 6,000 RPM; both weigh 2.9 lbs. Makita also has a couple model variations: FS4200A features a 50 ft. cord, FS4200TP features a 50 ft. Twist lock cord. Model FS6200TP also features a 50 ft. twist lock.

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