Lee Valley Helps Make Hockey Pucks Into Router Cookies

Lee Valley Helps Make Hockey Pucks Into Router Cookies

Chris   September 15, 2011  
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I have been referring to router cookies as router pucks for a while now; as a hockey fan it was easy for me to make the obvious connection. I called them this because they do really look like hockey pucks, and I also wanted to stay away from using any trademarked names. Lee Valley also made the hockey connection, but being from Canada, they took the connection more literally then I did, and are now using actual hockey pucks for their router Bench Pucks.

According to Lee Valley, they never wanted to get into the router standoff business, because they can easily be made at home. Instead Lee Valley took the route of selling the non-slip peel & stick materials needed to make your own router standoffs. But once they realized that hockey pucks were the perfect size at 1-inch thick and 3-inches wide, there was no turning back; the 6 ounces of added weight was also a nice bonus.

You can still get the raw materials to make your own router standoffs from scratch, but now you can also purchase the pre-cut peel & stick non-slip material to fit any hockey pucks you might have around the house. A set of eight pre-cut non-slip material disks costs less than $3. If you don't own any hockey pucks, you can purchase those as well for only $1 each, thus bringing the total to right around $7 for both.

Lee Valley via Popular Woodworking

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