Jet Brings Tornado Tech To Dust Collectors

Jet Brings Tornado Tech To Dust Collectors
Chris   August 23, 2011  
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JET Vortex Cone Dust Collector Difference

jet vortex coneIf you are a serious woodworker or even an avid amateur, you probably have some form of dust collection for your shop tools. We all know that dust in the lungs is a bad thing, especially if the dust is from manufactured or composite woods. Dust collectors are good at keeping dust levels down in the workplace, except for when you need to clean them out. Those filters get blocked up with so much loose dust that when you remove them, the dust goes everywhere. You almost need an extra dust collector running when clean out your dust collector. Thankfully, Jet engineers have harnessed the ever-popular power of tornadoes and their cyclonic action to do all of the dirty work so we don't have to. Jet has just come out with a new Vortex Cone dust collection technology that more effectively separates the dust, and therefore keeps your filter cleaner longer. Check out the impressive results in the video below.

If you want to know more about getting a mini contained tornado for your own, check out

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