Handibot Portable Hand-Held CNC

Handibot Portable Hand-Held CNC
Chris   June 27, 2013  
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With most CNC routers you have to bring the material to the machine, but the new Handibot CNC Router has you bring the CNC router to your material. Is this going to be the gateway to getting CNC routers on the jobsite?

Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the box to become the next great tool. I don't know if the Handibot is "it", but its out of the box design has me impressed. What makes the Handibot different is that it is completely self-contained and is simply placed onto the material that is to be milled.

They give some basic examples of the Handibot doing electrical cutouts into drywall or doing a mortise in a 4x4, but these are all things that can be done by hand with any router and a simple jig. But I know it could do so much more. Imagine being able to just set it on a wood floor and have it cut out intricate designs for wood inlays. Using registration marks the design could be bigger than the Handibot itself. If it can be used on a wall or ceiling you could add carvings or other details to wood beams in existing buildings. I look forward to the possibilities.

Right now it is a prototype that is seeking crowd-funding, but with the right software this tool could be amazing. They plan on opening up the Handibot to developers so they can add to what the machine can do with specialized apps. If you are interested in funding the Handibot and getting one of your very own, it will cost you only $2400, or $1995 if you are one of the first 10.

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